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~ Sunday, October 2 ~

Idea for the US Postal Service


USPS, while it’s my belief that any governmental agency who has to advertise on TV should be privatized, I am the son of a USPS retiree. In that regard, I have a difficult time watching you go extinct. 

Here’s one idea you might consider to help you regain some of the clients you’ve lost in this digital era.

The basic premise is this: you charge me less than the cost of a regular letter so I can send a hard copy card, IMMEDIATELY (almost), to anyone in the US.

Here’s how it works:

  • I start by going to the USPS website and telling you what kind of letter or card I am writing (e.g., thank you card, birthday card, love letter, etc.).
  • I upload my message and choose from a list of card or letter (paper) options.
  • I provide you the address of the recipient and you send my completed card electronically to the post office in that town.
  • That post office prints it on the paper/card I chose, puts it in an envelope, and delivers it to the address within a few hours. 
  • I get charged for the cost of the paper and envelope, a stamp price less than the regular price of a stamp (since I’m not actually mailing it), and a few cents for the cost of the printing. 

Sure, we give up a little privacy, but for a generation that posts everything in their lives on Facebook, I don’t think that’s an issue. And this way your clients get what they want: the uniqueness of sending a hard copy letter/card with the immediacy of email…well, almost as fast. 

I wish you all the best in your fight for survival. 

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